Frequently Asked Questions

~What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Briefly, Coaching is more focused on achieving future goals.  Therapy is focused on resolving past wounds.  I help you identify past issues rather than thoroughly explore the hows and whys.  I use this to create a path forward towards your goals.

~Do you offer individual sessions?

At this time, I offer program packages. There are many options for individual therapy/coaching on Google if that's what you're looking for.

~Do you offer discounts, sliding scale prices or promotions?

There aren't discounts, etc. because the investment reflects my expertise, education, and experience. You can find therapeutic/coaching websites, on Google, that offer much lower prices than I do.

~Do you prescribe medication?

A psychiatrist prescribes medication.  They are medical doctors who specialize in mental health and psychotropic medications.

~Do you accept insurance?

I am not affiliated with insurance companies. Usually, an insurance company only reimburses for psychotherapeutic/counseling services and require a diagnosis. I do not provide a diagnosis in the capacity of a coach.

~Do you provide payment plans?

Payment plans are not available and here's why: I feel the programs fall into the category of “nice-to-have” not “must-have". So, like with any high-ticket item, it needs to fit your budget.  As I've written, there are very good coaching or psychotherapeutic services that are far less costly than mine.

*These will be updated as the need arises.