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Expat CouchIssue™ Program

The Expat Experience

These are International CouchIssues™.  Having gone back and forth living in South America and returning to the US, I can help. Also, I grew up in a home with two cultures.  In addition, through my father's work at the IDB, I was exposed to people from all over the world.


I have an exceptional understanding of what it's like to be a US citizen in a foreign country.  I was surrounded by family but experienced the cultural differences within that environment, first-hand.

You fill out the Expat Questionnaire, first and after reviewing, I'll create a plan to guide you through moving overseas to your target country OR your repatriation back to the US. 


This program would be exclusively tailored to you because of the country you are going to.

The program lasts 3 weeks.

Refer to the Program Collection page for an idea of how the programs are structured.


To schedule a consultation: https://calendly.com/nancela4/30min

CouchIssues™ Programs

CouchIssues in the Spotlight

No matter whether your profession is one pictured here or not, if you have all eyes on you, then you have CouchIssues


Power plays, family vs career, "getting it right", life or death, imposter syndrome, burnout.  These are some of your  CouchIssues and they are exhausting.

Even if you think you "thrive" under pressure, you most likely react to the pace and demands of what you do rather than having mindful ways to disengage. It can accumulate and that can be exhausting as well.  All of this stress accumulates and costly mistakes can be the result.

With discretion, confidentiality and a personal program so you can be an empowered person in your life even in the face of incredible pressure.

To schedule a consultation: https://calendly.com/nancela4/30min

CouchIssues™ Programs
CouchIssues™ Programs

 CouchIssues in Business


The Business environment really consists of a group of personalities and egos that need to come together as a productive team.  Whether co-workers like each other or not, there is a systems dynamic present. 


If you need consultation on leadership and developing skills to guide and mentor your staff; evaluation of systemic issues, competencies; or personal coaching, then, you do have CouchIssues in the Boardroom.

To schedule a consultation: https://calendly.com/nancela4/30min

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