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Distinctive Professions ~Unique Demands

No matter whether your profession is one pictured here or not, if not have all eyes on you, then you're going to have CouchIssues™.

Power plays, family vs. career, life or death, imposter syndrome, burnout, etc.  These are some of your CouchIssues™ that are exhausting and can interfere with your work.

Even if you think you "thrive" under pressure, you are most likely reacting or responding to the pace and demands of what you do rather than having mindful ways to disengage.  All of this stress accumulates and costly mistakes can be the result.
With discretion, confidentiality and a personal program so you can be an empowered person in your life even in the face of incredible pressure.  You're only human after all.

Some of the issues that might fit how you feel can be (but not limited to):

  • Anxiety  

  • Expectations

  • Competition

  • Self-doubt

  • Identity 

  • Office Politics

  • Toxic co-workers / environment

The description of the schedule below is based on the program "It's a CouchIssue™" and therefore, an idea of what your program will look like. CouchIssues™ are unique, like you, and so is the path to managing them.

We will work for 3 months / 12 weeks with your custom program. I will design it to include meetings via Zoom, email support, worksheets or other tools depending upon what I believe will help you to process what is going on in your professional life and how to manage it.  Longer programs are available upon request.

Stage one - Weeks 1 - 4 - With the New Client Questionnaire™ that you filled out, we will do groundwork by going through your answers and identify patterns that affect how you interact within your profession.  We develop a strategies to tackle this from different fronts in order to move you forward.

Stage Two - Weeks 5 - 8 - We will be using different methods for you to really learn this path of yours.  These will be supportive, strategies and coping mechanisms, as an example.

Stage Three - Weeks 9 - 12 - Before we prepare for the end of our time together, we will put the puzzle pieces together to create a picture of the finished product by reviewing what has been learned.  The last week, we will begin to terminate our work.  There could be feelings surrounding endings that we will address.

Each week includes:
Your program details by the 2nd or 3rd week plus any other tools. to carry out your journey throughout this stage.

3 - Zoom Meetings (60 mins each).
3 - Support emails - you will be given an encrypted email to use.

2-3 days after our final session, you will receive an "Aide Memoire" sheet about the issues we addressed that you can refer to going forward. 
You also have 2 Zoom (60 mins each) followup sessions that will be scheduled during our last session.

There is more information on the Program Page regarding the investment, my philosophy, etc.

Depending upon what we worked on, you may have learned to maintain your confidence amid competitive people who play beautifully orchestrated mind games to bring you down.  You may learn that your power is relinquished only with your permission (to paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt).  Finally, you may learn that maintaining focus on your skills and the bigger picture will help to quiet the inner and outer voices that try to remind you to fail.

"Keep your strengths close but your weaknesses closer."

Let's get the show on the road!

Call to get started - https://calendly.com/nancela4/30min.