What People are Saying


Cynthia.  M.A. Clinician

Columbia University,

School Owner, Businesswoman

New Jersey

Nancy’s strengths her assessment skills.  She has a strong ability to be in tune with people who are experiencing challenging situations.  Nancy naturally develops rapport with people and is a woman of compassion, integrity, and character. Her personable approach to people, good sense of humor and strong clinical skills make her an excellent Supervisor and Clinician (she worked as Director of Clinical Services). She is a natural teacher and mentor.


Personally, I am grateful to call Nancy my go-to person as her previous supervisee and team member. We “seasoned” helping professionals know very well that the personal development of the supervisee is essential to one’s professional development.


Nancy develops an authentic, nurturing relationship with those she is helping.  That ability helped me to develop into a well-rounded counselor and helping professional.


I am forever grateful and know that any supervisee or client, will not only gain an ethical professional, they will also gain a genuine teammate through their meaningful journey.


Virginia. Counselor

Supervisor of Integrative Therapies



Nancy listens and asks detailed questions to ensure she is understanding what the client is saying so that a beneficial exchange can occur. 


She uses different techniques so that there is a purposeful dialogue that often leads to clients making their own insights as to how they can move forward with their life goals.


Nancy has a genuine approach to people, her kindness and willingness to help.  She wants to be a part of the solution. 


Her humor is a definite special gift as well as being able to quickly identify what is going on in a situation, to assess a person, place, etc.  She can strike up a conversation with anyone, effortlessly.


Sandra Thomas

Medicaid Fiscal Administrator

New York

It was my distinct privilege to work with Ms. Gomez for a number of years in a Medicaid Fee-for-Service Program, COBRA CM specifically, which mandated a comprehensive reach enabling the addressing of all manner of client-related issues.


The nature of COBRA CM required service-delivering staff to mediate, manage and advise in matters including HIV/AIDS and all the related health and psychological impact of that specific syndrome, as well as the frequently accompanying issues of:  mental health, domestic violence, poverty, immigration, (frequently requiring a professional-level of fluency in the Spanish language) health/nutrition, child-rearing issues and medication/health-related compliance. I mention this to alert the reader that this type program required attending staff to be able to address a multitude of client-related issues impacting general wellness; COBRA CM service-delivery was not a “one note” discipline.

As for my personal experience, working with Ms. Gomez, I remember, distinctly, the weekly Clinical Case Conference(s) which I regularly attended. These meetings were facilitated by Ms. Gomez as Assistant Director of Clinical Services, who always deftly directed group discussion in a constructive and “remain-on-point” manner.


My professional role was that of Medicaid/Fiscal/Administrator which afforded me a perspective on client-issues looked-at from a different direction from that of the “Social Worker” approach.  I attended these weekly conferences as an Auditor/guest, yet Ms. Gomez always prompted me to add my unique, frequently divergent, viewpoint so as to create, for the group, a more layered “reveal” to the case-study under-discussion.  I always left these meetings with a feeling of renewed value to the program.  I over-all and greatly appreciated the intonation that my thoughts were relevant to the comprehensive truth of the presentation.


Therefore, it will always be my belief that Ms. Gomez will approach all professional issues in a manner which invites and encourages full disclosure of truth, rather than allowing a patronizing, dismissive and superficial version of same to prevail.


I am proud and very grateful to have had the partnership I shared with Ms. Gomez, and am very sorry that I no longer have that same opportunity.


Ordinarily, I would present testimonials from clients.  As I wrote in the "About" section, my work has been with the psychiatric population (as well as those with less distress) which requires confidentiality. 

I look forward to having your testimonial from our work together.